How To Beat The World At Its Game!

What you’ll learn

  • Why 1st Letter To The Corinthians was written to the Church
  • What are spiritual gifts are and how to apply them
  • The true meaning of love
  • Our sexuality as born again Believers
  • The resurrection of the Believer


  • Internet connection
  • Bible, Pen & Paper
  • Willingness to learn


How To Win: If there was a Book in the Bible that illustrates how a Christian should live in an overtly worldly setting, then 1 Corinthians speaks volumes and offers numerous tactics to help us navigate such terrain.

After starting the Church (Acts 18) the people continued many of their worldly practices alongside their Christian walk. There was division, selfishness, promiscuity, immorality on one side, and extreme living – abstinence from marriage, food, etc on the other side of the spectrum.

In a Church like this, one would have thought the absence of God would be evident. The complete opposite is true.

The Church had such spiritual vibrancy that can even make us envious today. God did not condemn them but condemned their practices.

Through the apostle, they were instructed to live right, honor God, honor each other.

This Book seats as a must-read for all Christians today since it mirrors many of our 21st Century challenges.

If they survived so can we!

All in all, this results in a life-transforming portion of Scripture that I hope you find deserving to be studied just as I discovered. The lessons are to be applied to our everyday existence if we are to access the power locked up in these words.


One review said:

I feel this is a good match for me and is an excellent course. – Anna Gaston


This book illustrates profound truths about:

  • Love

  • Speaking In Tongues

  • Worldly Sin

  • The Role of the Holy Spirit

  • Marriage

  • Food

  • Leadership

  • Idol Worship

  • Transformation

  • Enrichment


I sincerely hope that just as Jesus lived with the apostles and transformed them into formidable proponents of the word; we in our generation will release all aspects of our lives to the Holy Spirit. I pray that the word from these teaching will compel you to desire to be more like Jesus!


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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to gain more Bible knowledge
  • A serious Christian
  • An avid Bible reader
  • Anyone seeking the truth