Learn how to run faster, longer and effortlessly with just 15 minutes of perfectly tailored yoga sessions.

What you’ll learn

  • How to run faster, longer and with less effort
  • How to take care of your body for pain-free running
  • How to set up a simple, at-home yoga practice


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Want to run faster, longer and with less effort? Then you need these 15-minute yoga sessions, designed specifically for athletes.

Running is fantastic cardio, it can be euphoric and give you an enviable physique but it can also lead to recurring pain, injury and needless frustration.

That is, unless you practice yoga to balance out your training—you warm up before your runs, stretch out after and keep your joints moving through their full range of motion.

This yoga course is designed specifically for runners by me, Abi Carver. I am a 2 x 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher and NASM Qualified Personal Trainer who specialises in designing yoga programs for athletes. You are a special snowflake and it is also true that your sport sets up a fairly predictable pattern of muscular imbalances and joint restrictions that is an experience shared by many other runners just like you.

So I have designed this course to give you everything you need to run pain and injury-free today and for many years to come.

In this course, we practice 4 different styles of sequence:

1. Yoga For Strength—especially for the core, hips and knees.

2. Yoga For Flexibility—primarily for the calves, hamstrings, quads, hips, groin and glutes.

3. Yoga For Mobility—for your ankles, hips, thoracic, shoulders and neck.

4. Yoga For Recovery—to alleviate lower back, mid back, knee and hip pain.

We start off super easy and gradually increase the difficulty to keep you challenged and continuing to make improvements.

If you think that I can help you to run faster, longer and with less aches and pains, then I can’t wait to have you on my course.

So what are you waiting for?!

Who this course is for:

  • Runners