Complete Amazon FBA Private Label Product Hunting/Research tactics. Earn six-figure income by hunting a winning product

What you’ll learn

  • 🏆Grow Your Amazon FBA Private Label Business as a New Seller with 6 figure income technique
  • 💰Work from Home as an Amazon FBA Product Research Freelancer or Virtual Assistant
  • 💡 Product Hunting Criteria for Big Markets (USA, UK, Germany) and New/Emerging Amazon Marketplaces (Italy, Spain, Canada, France, UAE, Saudia)
  • 🚀Manual Vs Software Utilization Techniques to Hunt a Winning Product
  • 💰Keyword Research and identification of the Main Keywords to Generate More Sales
  • ⭐Product Data Validation and Evaluation By Using Tools JS, H10, MW, VL
  • 💥Sales Estimation and budget calculation sheet
  • 💥Competitor Selection/Pack Size Selection with practical demonstration


  • No Prior Experience Required
  • Suitable for all new FBA Sellers and freelancers/Virtual Assistants who want to learn Amazon FBA PL Business
  • A Positive Mindset & Desire to Make Your Life Better


—————————————–“DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY”—————————————————–

Take – Amazon FBA Private Label Product Hunting & Product Research Course to earn a Six-Figure Income on Amazon in just Sixty Minutes

Many new sellers don’t even know the potential of choosing a great product or what is the criteria for a great product to launch on Amazon fba which can generate 6 figure income. In this 60 minutes Amazon FBA private label product hunting or product research course, you will learn step by step,

  • As a New Seller How to Start Your Amazon FBA private label Business

  • Criteria to choose a Winning Product in sustained markets like the USA, UK, Germany

  • Product Hunting Criteria for emerging marketplaces like Australia, Canada, Italy, France, Saudia, etc.

  • Manual Ways and tactics to perform Product Research

  • Data Validation and evaluation of Amazon FBA products through various Tools

  • Things to avoid as a New Amazon FBA Seller

  • How to perform Keyword Research

  • How to Choose Keywords for your product and listing optimization

  • Profit Margin Calculations to start your Amazon FBA PL Journey

  • Sales Estimation

  • Budget Estimation for your whole Amazon journey

  • Competitor and Pack Size Selection through data analysis

Remember selecting a product is based on Data Analysis and extensive research/data analysis is required for Amazon FBA PL Product Hunting.

Course Content:

This 60 minutes Amazon FBA course is designed to keep things simple and in a brief way. By taking this short course you will know how sellers are earning passive income, by just selecting a good product. Even if you are planning to hire a Virtual Assistant or freelancer to hunt a product for you must take this course in order to understand the criteria and how to do data validation of the selected product to estimate the potential within it.

Moreover, if you are a freelancer you can take this course and learn “Amazon FBA Product Hunting/Product Research” and can hunt a winning product for the Amazon seller and can earn passive income

This short course has the potential to change your journey on Amazon and to be among the top-earning sellers.


Profit Margin Calculation Sheet

Budget Estimation sheet

Competitor Selection and Pack size selection for your FBA launch

Updated Content

Who this course is for:

  • Pre-Launch Amazon Business owners who don’t know how to get started (FBA/FBM)
  • Amazon FBA Private Label Sellers who want to launch and hunt an Excellent Product
  • Freelancers/Virtual Assistants who want to learn Amazon FBA PL Product Hunting or Product Research
  • Amazon sellers who want to earn 6 figure income