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Sample Questions:

The SAP 1/1/1:2.3 receives an Ethernet frame with outer VLAN tag 5 and inner VLAN tag 3. Which of the following is TRUE?

The frame is dropped.

The frame’s outer tag is changed to match the SAP, and it is accepted.

The frames outer tag is dropped, and the frame is accepted.

The frame’s tags are removed, and the frame is accepted.

Click the exhibit. This output is from router R4. Service 333 is a VPLS. Why might the peer have the same value for IngLbl and EgrLbl?

The labels are of local significance only, so other routers can use the same value. has yet to send its own unique label.

Router R4 is using the same tunnel to send and receive to

The service on is down, so it is rejecting packets.

A customer has sites on three different Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SRs. The customer requires a fully-meshed VPLS. Which of the following is TRUE?

Each router requires 1 SDP.

Each router requires 2 SDPs.

Each router requires 3 SDPs.

Each router requires 6 SDPs.

By default, what does the Alcate-Lucent 7750 SR do when a frame with an unknown destination address is received in a VPLS?

It drops the frame.

It floods the frame to all PEs participating in the service.

It sends a destination unreachable messages back to the originating host.

It sends the frame to the closest neighbor.

Which of the following about VPRN route targets is FALSE?

Route targets are carried in MP-BGP updates.

Route targets identify the VRF that a VPN-IFV4 prefix is associated with.

Route targets are communicated between PEs that are part of a specific VPRN.

Route targets identify the egress SAP of a service towards a CE.

Which of the following about VPRN VRF tables is FALSE?

VRF information is advertised between PEs using MP-BGP.

VRF tables are used to forward traffic to CEs.

P routers use VRF tables to maintain customer-specific information.

VRF tables provide isolation between customers.

Which of the following is TRUE when a service uses a GRE transport tunnel?

The service takes a route determined by the IGP.

The tunnel does not use a service label.

The service label is swapped at each hop in the transport network.

The tunnel is bidirectional and only requires configuration at one end of the service.

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