How To Recreate, Debug and Solve Some Frequently Occuring Issues and Errors in .NET stack ?

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to recreate some often encountered error scenarios in .Net/SQL
  • Learn how to debug through these errors for a solution
  • Fixing these errors which would otherwise stop the progress of the projects
  • Get skills and knowledge for future avoidance of the some of these errors


  • Visual Studio Installation with web development workload
  • MS-SQL Installation
  • Docker Desktop for Windows Installation
  • Some basic knowledge of C# (or any other Object Oriented Language Programming)
  • Some experience of understanding ASPNET web framework


Hi there,

This is a course built upon my own experience of encountering different kind of errors while compiling/running or testing applications with dotnet Core as well as executing MS SQL commands. This is followed by the debugging/sorting of the issues, so everything works nicely. There is little or no code involved in many of the lectures as that is the nature of these issues which needed to be tackled while development.

As and when more such common errors are encountered in future, I shall be updating the course with the solutions to these as well.

This course is a brainchild of my experience with the fact that all developers love to have their issues (that would otherwise be a showstopper for their projects) to be sorted in a nice and timely manner. Since this is helping others with their problem solving, it is hoped that the course will gain a good following and feedback from the relevant sections of students.

With myself coming from a Microsoft development background, I know fully well what it feels when a developer has to spend hours together on an error that seems to have no solutions that would fit his context.

Off course, there is the stackoverflow website, where one can raise his issues in a formatted manner giving the maximum possible information to recreate the error, still there is no guarantee that it would necessarily get a solution that works.

So this is a very small and humble effort to address some of the issues as a baby step forward in that direction.

I hope to receive learners experience and inputs to further improve the course in future.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate .Net developers (C# and SQL)
  • Computer Science or other programming students with a liking for learning .Net/.Net Core framework
  • Anyone with a logical mind with an attitude (or liking) for troubleshooting