Learn How to Create Emotive and Moving Images That Win Awards

What you’ll learn

  • The art of black and white photography
  • How to evoke emotions through photography
  • How to take award winning photographs
  • Improve your photography skills
  • Learn the technical aspects of black and white photography
  • Learn how to create moving images
  • Learn how to evoke emotions through images
  • History of Photography
  • Greats of Black and and White Photography Movement


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Welcome to “The Art of Black and White Photography: Learn How to Create Moving Images That Win Awards”!

I am delighted that you have chosen to enrol in this course and I can’t wait to share with you the art and philosophy behind black and white photography.

Black and white photography is not just about capturing an image in shades of grey, it’s about creating a powerful visual language that evokes emotion and tells a story. Throughout this course, we will explore the techniques used to create stunning black and white images, including lighting, contrast, and composition.

We will go through the greats of photography such as Cartier Bresson, Salgado, Leibovitz, Brandt and how they are able to create compelling images that communicate with large audiences through the medium of photography.

But we’ll also go beyond the technical aspects of photography and delve into the philosophy behind black and white photography. We’ll explore how to use visual language to communicate meaning and how to create images that move and inspire viewers.

Whether you’re an experienced photographer looking to expand your skills or a beginner eager to explore the art of black and white photography, this course is for you. You’ll learn not only how to create stunning black and white images but also how to use your photography to express your unique perspective on the world.

So get ready to unlock your creativity and take your photography to the next level! I’m excited to be your guide on this journey and can’t wait to see the beautiful images you’ll create. Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Photographers
  • Advanced Photographers
  • Professional Photojournalists
  • Black and White Portrait Photographers
  • Black and White Landscape Photographers
  • Reportage Photographers