To help you know what and how much you know about these areas to do well in your career and life!


Want to find out what you know and don’t know about important knowhows and skills to do well in life?

With this course you can know how good are you on the following knowhows and skills.

1. How to make Right Career Choices

2. How to find Right Job through Networking

3. How to Prepare a Great CV/ Resume

4. How to do well in your interviews

5. Oral Communication Skills

6. Problem Solving Skills

7. Interpersonal Skills

8. Time Management Skills

9. Business Strategy, Modelling and Planning

10. Generate & Select Right Business Ideas

11. Consulting

12. Sales Excellence

13. Sales Management

14. Product & Brand Management

15. Winning Value Proposition Development

16. Marketing Management

17. Excellence in Solution Design

18. Winning Prototype Development

19. Interviewing Skills to get the Right Talent

20. Fundamental Equity Analysis

There is a test of 10 questions one each of the above organized in six Practice Tests

· Practice Test I- Career Management Skills (1-4 above)

· Practice Test 2- Life Skills (5-8)

· Practice Test 3- Consulting, Strategy and General Management Knowhow (9-11)

· Practice test 4- Sales & marketing Knowhow (12-16)

· Practice Test 5- Technology Careers Knowhow (17-18)

· Practice Test 6- Finance & HR Knowhow (19-20)

We will keep adding more knowhows and skills for you to find out how good are you. You will get updated after you enroll through the educational emails.

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Enjoy and discover what you know and what you don’t. And then learn to do well in life!

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Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to do well in life in whatever they choose to do!