Linux is one of the Tools for DevOps. Master bash to boos your skils

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use this basic commands
  • Running bash commands
  • Creating, deleting and renaming files
  • Creating, deleting and renaming directories
  • And more…


  • A wish to acquire or to refresh your skills on linux command line
  • An access to command line of any linux distro (on physical or virtual machine)


IT professionals and those who want to become more familiar with Linux are the intended audience for this course. And it is intended to provide the viewer with the information that they need to know in order to get started with command line in order to perform essential Linux administration tasks, including installation, establishing network connectivity, managing physical storage, and basic security administration. This is a really well organized class that includes detailed demos of each stage.

This training will assist participants in automating and scripting their day-to-day responsibilities. There are several live demonstrations available that walk you through how to use Bash commands. I really hope that this will assist you in working more productively in your job.

Here is some of the students’ reviews:

‘Thanks, instructor! It’s a good structured course several hours long. I carried much useful information from it.’  — James K

‘simple and clear’Swathi Mettu

‘Very useful for Linux Administrators’DORDAA SUGLO RUDOLF

‘Great course! I love that you don’t linger on each topic. You say what it is, what it does, and why you would need it, and you move on. Great!!’ David Ramirez

‘Structured teaching..’ Dhanush Raj

‘Great Course with good information explained and detailed’mariano Martinez

‘Great course! Excellent content, very clear.’J B

‘Perfect! Good to have it.’Lern Li

Who this course is for:

  • IT Specialists
  • System Administrators
  • Junior DevOps