#Digital strategy-Learn all the skills needed to be a digital leader who runs successful digital transformations

What you’ll learn

  • This course provides a complete overview about digital transformation for leaders, consultant and anyone interested in this subject.
  • Understand how digital transformation is born and why
  • Get a simple and global definition of digital transformation and how it differs from digitization and digitalization
  • Learn about the most known and proven positive impacts which can be gained through conducting a digital transformation within any type of company
  • Build a clear understanding about why many companies fail in conducting their digital transformations
  • Get a simplified step by step guided protocol or framework that you can use as a guide and referential while conducting a digital transformation in any context.
  • Learn the best practices, tips and tricks that can enhance your chances to succeed in the digital transformation’s journey as a leader and/or consultant


  • There are no special requirements requested for this course to be fulfilled, however having an experience about business & strategy definitions, enterprise architecture & system engineering and organizational transformations would be very useful.


~~~IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a Digital Marketing course (fb, ads,SEO, etc.) or digital technology one (IoT, IA, ML, Data, etc.)~~~

The incredible rise of digital technologies and the amazing success of digitally native companies and early adopters have accelerated the shift toward the fourth industrial revolution which is happening NOW. Companies from any sector and in any part of the world are starting to feel the urgency to digitally transform their business models and structures to follow up with the ever-evolving markets’ trends and industry 4.0’s requirements and new constraints if they want to keep their competitive advantage and survive in this highly disruptive environment. Which gave birth to the digital transformation hype.

But what does it mean to digitally transform a company? Why many organizations are still failing in their digital transformation journey even though they are convinced about its positive stakes on their businesses? And how can they enhance their chances to succeed in conducting it and be able to leverage those benefits fully?

This course offers a simple and comprehensive overview of digital transformations and provides a step-by-step guided protocol or framework that anyone involved in such a journey can use in any context to properly and easily manage its transformation.

We believe that for any person to have a better understanding of a subject, it’s important to use abstractions and simplify it as much as possible without losing the value of the information, we are sharing with you. That’s why, this course starts by demystifying the general topics related to digital transformation such as its origins, meaning, why is it taking place now, at which speed this phenomenon is evolving, why companies fail at it and what can they expect from it. and so on. And then focuses on itemizing the proposed protocol one step at a time by explaining the scientific reasoning and the best practical ways used to define and implement each step of the protocol.

The course content is built upon an educational structure used in the top engineering and business schools for master’s degree programs. And the framework or protocol provided has been developed, tested, and proven through its applications within our clients’ structures, cultures, and sectors of activities going from banking, aeronautics, and even public works.

Sections are structured in a way to balance “theory” with “practice”, that’s why each concept presented in this course is illustrated through a case study used as a common thread, and supported by quick win quizzes allowing you to evaluate your understanding and your assimilation of each section’s information.

By the end of this course, you will be able to explain digital transformations to any person no matter his/her level of digital and business literacy, and even to your grandparents if you want to. But most importantly, you will have a protocol or framework containing all the foundational steps needed to implement any type of digital transformation in any company no matter its size, type of activity, or even geographic location.

And to make this learning experience more fun, this course contains a case study of “the digital transformation of the Versailles Castle” with a link to see the full virtual exhibition for FREE.

So, enjoy your virtual traveling journey wherever you are!

One more thing, this course is REALLY about providing a clear comprehension of digital transformation and how to conduct it simply and reliably. That’s why, it doesn’t focus on explaining digital technologies and techniques such as IoT, AI, ML, Big Data, and so on, because as mentioned “they are just implementation’s solutions and techniques”. Put it simply: those are just tools. And to choose which tool or digital technology will bring benefits to your company, you need to go through the protocol proposed in this course to make the right choices, and that’s what digital transformation in practice is really about.

So, if you are ready to level up your knowledge regarding digital transformations and to become an amazing transformation leader, a Chief digital officer (CDO), or the best transformation consultant, this course is the one to start your journey with. However, if you want to have a better understanding of digital technologies and so on, then I advise you to check out other courses (ours or other Udemy courses as well), since this one might not be a good fit for your expectations.

In case you might have any additional questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out I’ll be more than happy to provide any required assistance to make you’re learning journey more pleasant and simple. So, all the best to you!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn about how to craft digital transformations in any context from building to running.
  • No matter what your actual title is (senior manager, chief digital officer, executive, business owner, consultant) or professional situation is right now (studying, working, or just chilling out and learning), this course is for all the ambitious change agents and avid learners interested in designing the future.