Achieve F5 201 Certified BIG-IP TMOS Administrator(F5-CA)! v13.1, Latest Update April 2023



Welcome to F5 201  Exam Preparation. This Exam is the first step to achieve F5 Certified Administrator,

This course will help you pass F5 201 F5 Certified! Administrator v13.1.1 (2020), this will also provides you a solid foundation in various areas of IT.

F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator is one of the top certifications in Networking and it also enables skills in Linux, Applications and Security.

Successfully completed by candidates who want to achieve F5 Certified! Administrator, BIG IP status.

Passing this exam shows independence in performing day-to-day operations and basic troubleshooting of TMOS-based devices in various application environments after it has been installed, configured, and implemented.

Individuals may choose to complete their certification journey here or move on to pursue the Technical Professional, Technical Specialist, Cloud, or Security Solutions certification tracks.

All Questions are based on MCQ

The MQC is capable of performing day-to-day operations of TMOS-based devices which have already been installed. The MQC is also capable of basic troubleshooting of a TMOS-based device in order to provide full, accurate, and appropriate information to senior engineers and/or F5 Support.

The MQC can do the following without assistance:

  • Able to access and manage the BIG-IP through multiple paths (management IP, Self IP)

  • Perform administrative tasks using the GUI

  • Understand the relationship and differentiation between virtual servers, virtual server types, virtual addresses, pools, pool members, nodes, profiles, iRules, and address translation (NAT/SNAT)

  • Be familiar with HTTP, ClientSSL, ServerSSL, TCP, UDP, and persistence profiles

  • Open a support case and utilize online resources such as AskF5, F5 iHealth, and DevCentral

  • Perform software management functions on the platform (for example, capable of performing upgrades and licensing)

Prerequisite: Valid passing score on Exam 101 or valid F5-CTP, Sales Certification




Who this course is for:

  • Learning and applying bigip skill in real project
  • Basic Web/Internet Knowledge