Web Development Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners in HTML, Javascript, React and Python

What you’ll learn

  • Basic fundamentals of HTML
  • Basic fundamentals of CSS
  • Basic fundamentals of JS & ReactJS
  • Basic fundamentals of Python


  • No programming experience needed. We will be covering the fundamentals.
  • Should have a editor or IDE


This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental building blocks of web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Python.

The first section of the course will cover HTML, the markup language used to structure a website’s content. You will learn how to create and format headings, paragraphs, lists, links, images, and other elements.

Next, you will learn CSS, the language used to style and layout web pages. You will learn how to use selectors and cascading styles to control the visual presentation of your HTML elements.

In the third section, you will learn the basics of JavaScript, a programming language used to create interactive web applications. You will learn to manipulate the DOM, create variables and functions, and use JavaScript to add interactivity to your web pages.

In the fourth section, you will learn React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You will learn how to create reusable components, manage state and props, and work with forms and events.

Finally, you will learn the basics of Python, a versatile programming language that can be used for web development, data analysis, and much more. You will learn the basics of the language, including data types, control structures, and functions.

This course is designed for beginners with little to no prior experience in web development. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of web development and the skills to build your own web applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner looking for fundamentals in software development