Global Economics – for all. (Comes with booklet)

What you’ll learn

  • An overview of global events for a particular month
  • Through discussion, an update on global events
  • Practical application of Economics through looking at global events
  • An understanding of the economic role of their own country


  • Patience
  • Willingness to do own research
  • Willingness to fully participate in discussions
  • An interest in the economies of other countries


In May 2023 the section on Globalisation was updated. The question as to whether globalisation was coming to an end was considered. We consider not only the causes of globalisation but also the costs and benefits – these seem to have changed somewhat, post Covid.

To encourage discussion, on the 18th January 2022 a new section was added:

  • The Great Reset

  • Controversial.

  • Provocative

Exactly what the best economic courses are about – stimuli for discussion!

This – initially – is a short course. The course will be further added to during the coming year and thus provide a ‘rolling Economics discussion’ IF there is participation in the Q/A

Discussion IS the key. ‘Let’s talk about Economics’ is exactly that – a course made up of:

  • Educational Announcements

  • Lectures as up to date as possible

  • A case studies booklet to complement the lectures. This will be issued on a monthly basis.

  • The Q/A section

The Q/A section is where the discussions take place – discussions where the lectures are merely the starting point. This is an Economics course for those who wish to:

  • Learn more about Economics in general

  • Learn through discussion

  • Learn about the economies of other countries and the possible impact on your own country

Let’s talk about Economics – together.

Who this course is for:

  • Students worldwide who are interested in discussing global economics