Bar Graphs, Bar Charts


1. If a survey is conducted to find out the causes of illness and death among women, then how to represent the survey figures in the form of a graph and to find out which condition is the major cause of women’s ill health and death worldwide.

2. If the data on the number of girls per thousand boys in different sections of the society is given, then how to represent the information given by way of a bar graph and what conclusions can be arrived at from the graph.

3. If the data in respect of seats won by different political parties in polling outcome of state assembly elections is given, then how to draw the bar graph to represent the polling results.

4. Why Bar graph or Bar Chart is used?

5. Whether bars in the bar graph are drawn vertically or horizontally?

6. Whether any space is left between bars?

7. Whether each bar in the bar graph has an equal width?

8. Whether bars in the bar graph are adjoining to each other?

9. Whether bar graphs are simple or complex to understand?

After the collection of data, the data has to be presented in such a manner which is easily understandable. To present data, we can make use of different methods such as frequency distribution tables, bar graphs etc.

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