Get certified in Tarot! Become an intuitive tarot reader and develop your own unique style of reading for clients

What you’ll learn

  • Intuitive tarot reading : Learn to read tarot using your intuition! Forget definitions!
  • Numerology : Learn how numbers play a role in Tarot
  • Color symbolism : Get more insightful interpretations using color symbolism
  • Animal symbolism : Understand subliminal messages in tarot with animal symbolism
  • Learn how to open a Psychic business!


  • No prerequisites needed.
  • A Rider Waite tarot deck is recommended for exercises



In this class you not only learn tarot reading, but you also learn other skills such as numerology, color symbolism and animal symbolism and so much more! Take these skills with you and apply it to your daily life. Had a weird dream? After this class you can use your newly learned skills and interpret your dreams too!

Get clarity on any situation at any time. Never draw a blank again

Many times people will pick up a guidebook and try to memorize definitions to all the tarot cards. That is 78 definitions – not including reversals! My goal as your instructor is to show you how to use your intuition when reading so you never have to worry about a definition again. After learning these skills you will be confident to use any tarot deck, oracle deck or maybe even create your own!

In this course you will find:

  • Plenty of video lessons to follow along!

  • Downloadable charts with keywords so you never go blank reading again

  • Downloadable practice exercises with real questions and scenarios

  • Step-by-step examples of how to connect cards and meanings

  • Plenty of tarot spreads to use on your clients, friends and family!

  • Tips to learn how to confidently read in an intuitive way

  • Downloadable Certificate of completion

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to advanced (all learning levels)