Crush Your Next Project Discussion with Powerful Questions and Surprise All With Your Leadership Insights

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to Sound Smart and Sound Strategic with Powerful Questions for any project
  • Understand the influencing factors for any business transformation
  • Lead and influence teams with productive discussions
  • Surprise All With Your Leadership language and Insights
  • Gain the Strategic vision of any business transformation intiative or major project
  • Learn to apply strategic dimensions – Technology, Finance, Risk, Stakeholders


  • No pre-requisites, some familiarity of business and technology projects are useful


Business transformation initiatives and projects are everywhere.  Leaders and executives know to ask the right question to uncover any assumptions and help productive discussions.

The ability to ask the right questions separates a Leader from other professionals. Learn the simple and powerful seven phases framework for any business transformation or project to showcase your leadership skills

Crush Your Next Project Discussion and Surprise All

  • Sound Smart and Sound Strategic with Seven Powerful Questions

  • Within 15 minutes, you will start using the questions

  • Questions to help any business transformation initiative or a project

  • Lead teams with productive discussions

Learn from a CIO directly

Powerful Questions are part of Leadership Language

Not many professionals know how to involve in the discussions and ask meaningful questions to showcase their skills and contribute to the meetings.

Every company is going through business transformation, and that transformation is implemented with projects and programs to serve their customers better. As an IT professional or business professional, you might be involved in one or more projects at any given time to create a new solution / product or improve an existing application / service.

  • Seven Smart questions framework will help you sound intelligent.

  • With the right questions, show your leadership acumen to your peers and your leaders.

  • Questions enable great discussions among the team members.

  • Questions bring clarity to all stakeholders and uncover any assumptions.

You will thank yourself for taking an action

Within less than 60 minutes, you will learn a powerful leadership language and gain the ability to ask the right questions for any business transformation or project.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in improving leadership skills and acumen
  • Business professionals looking to lead transformational initiatives and projects
  • Technology professionals and managers to lead major project and digital transformation initiatives