Early Care Educators

What you’ll learn

  • What is ECCE?
  • Define the role and responsibilities of ECCE Teacher?
  • What is worth of ECCE? How you can help Yourselves, Parents, Society?
  • Planning of Practical Content..
  • Lesson Planning


  • No experience needed but student with intermediate or graduate level can apply.


  • This course will help Preschoolers and schooling teachers ,Day Care teachers and staff, Parents who deals with the kids how to develop the child emotional ,physical, academically, moves into social world, develops sense of wellbeing, develop of arts, science, play, music that gives them piece of positive surroundings around them.. This course will help in holistic development of the child..It is a fast track course designed to provides a clear roadmap with developmentally appropriate practices to ensure holistic development of a child. It enables teachers to create the best possible positive learning environment for their children by giving them the insights about the basic developmental stages of child development. ECCE is a flexible approach which impacts the early years of the children as those years are the building blocks of his/her own personality. Through this course, the teachers will be able to demonstrate the knowledge of this newly emerging early childhood approach by practically implementing the theories and teaching in the classroom and across. It basically aims to develop professional skills in the educators of early childhood care and education of children up to the age of eight years. It will equip the teachers with the knowledge and skills required to work with young children in a variety of early learning and child-care settings.

Who this course is for:

  • Students, Teachers, School Principles ,Mother etc