Learn how to generate cool AI arts using Leonardo AI and transform them into Hyper Realistic talking portrait using D-ID

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use generate high quality AI arts, images, and portraits using Leonardo AI
  • Learn how to train datasets and build your own model on Leonardo AI
  • Learn how to use AI canvas to combine images and add background on Leonardo AI
  • Learn how to use D-ID to transform portrait to a fully animated and hyper realistic talking portrait
  • Exploring and experimenting with existing models on platform models and community models section
  • Learn how to use image to image generation feature on Leonardo AI


  • No previous experience in Leonardo AI or text to image generator is required
  • Willingness to learn and be creative


Welcome to Leonardo AI Mastery: Create Cool AI Arts & Talking Portrait course. Here in this course, you will extensively learn how to utilize Leonardo AI to create amazing AI arts and images, and you will be guided step by step on how to make those arts and images to talk using free AI technology called D-ID which will enable us to create talking portraits by integrating audio files with images. In the introduction session, you learn the basic fundamentals about Leonardo AI and text to image generator technology especially understanding how it actually works, then, you will be shown some examples of images generated by Leonardo AI alongside with prompts that were used to create them, therefore, you will have some ideas about what prompt that you can write if you want to create images or arts similar to those. Afterward, you will learn several efficient techniques to write specific and descriptive prompts to give instruction to Leonardo AI to produce images or arts that you want, not only that but you will also be trained on how to use AI text prompt generators to help you find effective prompts to use. Then, you will be guided step by step to set up your account on Leonardo AI, explore all features in its dashboard and definitely generate images using Leonardo AI where we will be generating a variety of images while exploring all features available there. Thereafter, the course will be continued by taking all knowledge and skills that we’ve learnt to another level, you will learn how to create a talking portrait using the image that you generated using Leonardo AI where you will utilize ChatGPT to generate sample content script which will be converted to audio using AI text to speech tool, then eventually you will learn how to integrate that audio with your image so your image or portrait can talk with hyper realistic motion in their upper and lower jaw. Lastly at the end of the course, I will share six business models that you can potentially start taking full advantage of Leonardo AI and since this technology is completely free, relatively you will have high profit margin business since there will be no upfront cost to use Leonardo AI

First of all, before getting into the course, we need to ask ourselves this question? What is the benefit of using Leonardo AI? Well, the answer is actually pretty obvious, it’s one of the best AI text to image generator that exist, however, there is much more than that, due to the fact that Midjourney got rid of its free trial couple weeks ago, therefore, at the time I am creating this course it will cost you at least 10 dollars to use MidJourney. As the consequences, it is definitely not surprising at all to see many people are actively looking for free alternatives to Midjourney, hence, this is exactly when Leonardo AI comes into place as it has the same quality if not slightly better than Midjourney but even until today Leonardo AI still gives free access to its user with pretty generous limit which is 150 images per day for completely free.

Below are things that you will learn in this course:

  • How AI text to image generator works from technological perspective

  • How to write effective prompts

  • Exploring all features on Leonardo AI dashboard

  • Training datasets for our own model on Leonardo AI

  • Exploring Fine Tuned Models available on Leonardo AI

  • Full step by step tutorial on how to generate Image on Leonardo AI

  • Generating image using our own trained dataset models

  • Image to image generation

  • Complex prompt generation

  • How to use AI canvas to combine images

  • How to create AI talking portrait using D-ID

Who this course is for:

  • People who are interested to learn more about Leonardo AI
  • People who are interested to create hyper realistic talking portraits