Non-Duality & Natural Movement

What you’ll learn

  • Experientially understand the non-dual nature of reality
  • Explore Natural movement as a way of liberating the body and becoming more open, free, flexible and allowing
  • That a movement practice can be done at any moment in time
  • That using complex equipment and technology is counter-productive and simplicity leads to creativity
  • About elongating the spine, injury and recovery
  • The beautiful implications of ‘there is no free will’ & everything always unfolding perfectly


  • It is recommended to have explored spirituality for at least 2 years prior to taking this course.


The purpose of this course is to liberate your body, both spirituality and physically. The spiritual liberation comes from experientially understanding that everything – including the body – is an expression of, and made of, Awareness Itself. It also comes from acceptance and re-aligning the mind with what is, which is a direct result of understanding that everything always happens at the perfect time.

The physical liberation comes from letting go of the ideas of right & wrong movements, having a ‘dedicated practice’ & practicing at any moment in time instead, and allowing the body to naturally heal itself.

By doing the course, you will explore and experientially understand:

  • The non-dual nature of reality;

  • Natural movement as a way for the body to become more transparent, open & free;

  • The freedom in practicing during daily tasks and making movement the main aim;

  • The link between simplicity and creativity, and complexity leading to inefficiency; 

  • How the body is a self-healing mechanism;

  • That everything is always unfolding perfectly.

This course is for you if you are ready to dive into life more fully, to let go of your attachments to what the body is, what movement is and what it should look like, and are looking to understand and live the embodied non-duality understanding in your day-to-day life.

Who this course is for:

  • People with health issues
  • People interested in self-development, meditation, mindfulness
  • People interested in sports, qi gong, yoga
  • Healers, massage therapists, chiropractors
  • Spiritual seekers