Improve your English to gain confidence in Business Meetings, Business Briefings, Job Interviews and Phone Calls.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn hundreds of useful expressions to communicate effectively in business relationships, working environments, and professional settings.
  • Practice business expressions to use in a Job interview, during phone calls, in business meetings or briefing an idea.
  • Lots of tips and tricks to help you gain confidence when approaching every situation at work.
  • Boost your self-confidence with our step-by-step guide to deal in a business meeting or job interview.


  • Pre –Intermediate or above English Language level


This My Teacher Academy course has been trusted by more than 50,000 students looking to improve their English speaking and comprehension. Our expert instructors have carefully crafted a program that combines traditional lectures with interactive practice exercises to cater to all learning styles.

Our Business English course is designed for anyone who needs to use English in a professional or business setting. Whether you’re an international CEO or preparing for a job interview, this course will provide you with all the necessary Business English language skills.

The course covers key expressions, vocabulary, etiquette, and cultural understanding to communicate effectively in business relationships, working environments, and professional settings.

The course is divided into four sections:

  1. English for a job interview

  2. English for business meetings

  3. English for dealing with phone calls

  4. English for business briefings or presentations

Each section provides a comprehensive understanding of the use of English in specific business situations. You will learn powerful words and phrases, avoid common mistakes, and gain self-confidence to communicate effectively in a professional setting.

In addition, the course includes tips for learning Business English, telephone phrases, and examples to help you practice and improve your skills. Upon completion, you will have a solid understanding of the English language and be able to communicate effectively in a variety of business situations.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone willing to improve their business skills in an English-spoken working environment.