Become a productive developer by learning Docker basics and improve your development workflow.

What you’ll learn

  • Hello-World Docker
  • What is Docker
  • Why we use Docker
  • Run Docker commands
  • Build Docker images
  • Debug Docker issues
  • What is Docker Compose
  • Build Docker Compose files
  • Run Docker Compose
  • Integrate Docker into a Nextjs app
  • Integrate Docker into a Nodejs API
  • Integrate Docker into a Remix app


  • No previous experience with Docker is required. You should have Docker Desktop install on your machine to get hands-on experience. You can search “Get Docker” to find instructions on how to install Docker Desktop.


You will learn the necessary skills to use Docker in your development work. This course takes a hands-on approach. Learn how to run and manage Docker containers, build docker images, debug Docker issues and use Docker Compose to run multiple containers together.

Have you encountered situations when an application worked on a developer’s local machine but failed on other devices? Have you spent time diagnosing issues caused by misconfiguration? Are you frustrated with being unable to run code deployed in production on your local machine to diagnose production issues? Docker is here to help you in fixing these issues.

Containerization is a way to run applications in an isolated environment called a container. Docker is a tool designed to make creating, deploying, and running applications using containers easier. Containers and Docker have become popular ways to package, deploy and run applications. They enable you to standardize the development workflow by codifying the instructions for building and packaging your applications.

Containers and Docker can be confusing to beginners. There are a lot of concepts to learn, and it can be challenging to see how these concepts fit together. In this course, I have summarized my years of experience automating development workflow with Docker so that you can learn the essential skills faster and become productive from day one. This course helps you learn faster by explaining the bigger picture and the problems they solve and focusing only the on the essential skills used in the development workflow.

Enroll now and begin the journey to becoming a more productive developer.

Who this course is for:

  • Frontend developers who lack experience with Docker and want to learn how to use it in their development workflow.
  • Any beginner or intermediate developer who wants to quickly get started with Docker by doing hands on learning.