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This mock EASY MODE exam for  Professional Scrum Product Owner II  (PSPO2 | PSPO II) is a practice exam designed to help candidates prepare for the actual certification exam. A mock exam consists of questions and answers that are similar in style, format, and difficulty level to those found in the real certification exam (40 questions that must be completed within 60 minutes. The passing score is 85%).

IMPORTANT: These questions are up-to-date and relevant to the actual exam.

Taking a mock exam can be helpful in several ways:

  1. Familiarization: A mock exam can help candidates become familiar with the format and types of questions found in the real exam. This can help reduce anxiety and increase confidence when taking the actual exam.

  2. Assessment: A mock exam can help candidates assess their knowledge and identify areas where they need to improve. This can help them focus their study efforts on areas that are most important for passing the actual exam.

  3. Time Management: A mock exam can help candidates practice time management and pacing themselves during the exam. This can help ensure that they have enough time to answer all of the questions on the actual exam.


  1. Simulate the exam environment: Try to simulate the exam environment as closely as possible. Time yourself, and avoid distractions, so you can focus on the exam questions.

  2. Review the results: After taking the practice exam, review the results to identify the areas where you need to improve. Focus your study efforts on these areas before taking another practice exam.

  3. Repeat the process: Repeat the process of taking mock exams, reviewing the results, and focusing your study efforts on areas where you need to improve. This will help you build confidence and prepare you for the actual certification exam.

  4. Communicate with instructor frequently: During the practice, don’t hesitate to communicate with me if you have any queries. I’m more than happy to answer to help you understand clearly about the question and concept.

*************  INTRODUCE ABOUT  PSPO2   *************

PSPO 2 (Professional Scrum Product Owner II) is a certification program offered by Scrum dot org, which is designed for Product Owners who have already achieved the PSPO I certification and want to further their knowledge and expertise in Scrum and Agile product management.

The PSPO 2 certification focuses on building advanced skills and knowledge required to effectively manage and prioritize product backlogs, understand customer needs and market trends, and align product vision with the overall business strategy.

To earn the PSPO 2 certification, individuals need to pass a rigorous exam that evaluates their understanding of advanced product management concepts and practices, including product discovery, stakeholder management, user story mapping, and effective backlog refinement.

The PSPO 2 certification is recognized globally and is highly valued by organizations looking to hire experienced and skilled Product Owners. It can help individuals enhance their career opportunities and increase their earning potential.

The learning objectives of the PSPO 2 (Professional Scrum Product Owner II) certification program are to enable Product Owners to:

  1. Understand advanced product management concepts and practices in the context of Scrum and Agile development.

  2. Develop and implement strategies for effective product discovery and stakeholder engagement.

  3. Master techniques for prioritizing and refining product backlogs, including story mapping and slicing.

  4. Learn how to identify and validate customer needs and market opportunities to create a compelling product vision.

  5. Understand how to collaborate effectively with development teams to create high-value products that meet customer needs and business goals.

  6. Develop skills for managing dependencies, risks, and changes in product development.

  7. Learn how to measure and communicate the business value of products and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve product performance.

  8. Build a strong foundation for continuous learning and improvement in the field of Agile product management.

Who this course is for:

  • Experienced Product Owners
  • Anyone who want to further their knowledge and expertise in Scrum and Agile product management.