Create web apps using the Python Flask Framework!

What you’ll learn

  • How to create Python Flask based web apps
  • How to use Jinja2 Templates
  • How to use an SQLite database with Flask
  • How to use CSS to style your Flask web app
  • How to use an Object Relational Manager through SQLAlchemy
  • How to create and use HTML forms with your Flask app
  • How to build Flask web apps (Project: BMI Calculator)
  • Other neat Flask tricks like Uploading Files, Cookies and Sessions


  • Basic Python knowledge required
  • You should know HTML and CSS
  • Recommended to have SQL or SQLite experience


This course will teach you how to make your first Python Flask Web Applications

The course includes a web app project to help you get started building apps.  It covers all the basics to start writing your own applications. It covers URL Routing, Jinja 2 templates, Cookies, Sessions and other web technologies!

We expect you know the basics of Python, HTML and CSS. But don’t worry if you’re not an expert on these topics yet.

Enough reading. Time to code

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developers, who already learned Python