Shamanism 101 | Theory, Tools, Practices, Meditations

What you’ll learn

  • The different types of shamans and what makes them unique
  • The tools shamans use for journeywork and personal vision quests
  • Shamanic meditation & practices
  • Theory of shamanism
  • How to bring out the shaman within


  • No skills required.
  • An open mind and a willingness to learn


Welcome to Shamanic Essentials Shamanism 101 | Theory, Tools, Practices, Meditations

Are you curious to know what type of shaman you are?

In this course you will learn everything required to uncover your inner shaman including the following:

Shamanic theory: learn the theory behind shamanism and why different cultures practice in different ways

Shamanic tools: Learn the tools that shamans use to reach their deepest levels of insight

Different types of shamans & who the shamans are: Learn the different types of shamans and how they are classified

– How the shamans practice their work: Learn how to approach shamanic practices for the best results

– How to approach shamanic meditation for the best results: Learn & receive shamanic music for your meditations

The Goal:

The goal of this accredited course is to teach you about shamanism (who, what, where, when, why) and to help you find which one you are. We do this with lectures, quizzes, and topic discussions/exercises that will help you walk your path.

Do you typically get courses and not complete them?

Well, it’s not your fault!

While going through this course you will be happy to find that our course instructor/ facilitator Gabriel Castillo is very straightforward & informative. This will allow you to get through this course with ease, learn some new information, receive shamanic meditation music & recommendations to use for your personal practice, and receive a certificate of completion upon completion.

When going through this course it is important to keep an open mind and to remember that your journey to uncover the shaman within is not one to be rushed. If you are willing to embark on the journey of stepping into your true authentic expression then this course is for you!

This course is for any beginner, intermediate, or advanced shamanic practitioners who want to receive an Accredited Certificate In Shamanic Essentials!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone walking the shamanic path
  • Any energy healer who wants more depth into their shamanic practices
  • Beginners who would like an introductory course into shamanism.
  • Current shamans who want to become more well rounded
  • All beginners to the healing path
  • Anyone who wants to understand energy more deeply and how it connects to shamanism
  • Anyone who has experience with shamanic sound healing
  • Any sound healing practitioner who wants to master shamanic sound healing
  • Any shamanic practitioner who wants material to refresh & give a new perspective