Learn how to play the instruments, How to apply theory, & how to build and develop a professional practice

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to perform sound healing in a shamanic way
  • Learn how to channel for healing & more!
  • Learn how to chant
  • Learn how to access their higher self and allow intuition to guide the way in sound healing sessions
  • Learn to play the Thai flute
  • Learn to play the Shamanic Drum
  • Learn how to play the Bongos
  • Learn the importance of vibration
  • Learn how I apply Tuning Forks in my sound healing ceremony
  • Learn how to channel chants with Intention
  • Learn one of my chants that I channel in the moment for grattitude & growth
  • Learn how to diagnose someone with singing bowls
  • Learn to perform icaros
  • Learn everything required to be a ACCREDITED Shamanic Sound Healer
  • Learn how you can play the native american flute
  • Learn how to approach the business behind performing Shamanic Sound Healing professionally
  • 1-on-1 coaching advice from your course instructor


  • An open mind
  • Basic understanding of mindfulness
  • Basic understanding of the laws of the universe
  • In tune with the ‘here & now’


Welcome to the Fully ACCREDITED Shamanic Sound Healing Certificate Course

Learn this amazing tool and add it to your arsenal to add an extra $120/hr to your certified sound healing business!!!

Thank you for joining us on this journey! If intuition brought you here to us then we must proceed to co-create!!

Are you ready to step into Shaman?

Are you ready to develop the skills that will take your sound healing sessions to the next level?

Do you want to step into your truth?

The time is now

Shamanic sound healing is a course unlike any other. This course was channeled & shared in the moment by a medicine man & curandero Gabriel Castillo (creator of finally detached . c o m). The medicine is felt and the authenticity he provides is refreshing. This course comes highly recommended for anyone who is on the path of awakening. This course was designed to be a thought-provoking & deeply informative dive into holding Shamanic Sound Healing Ceremonies.

The purpose of this course is to not only teach about sound healing but to also teach how to access the highest aspects of ourselves through intention and remaining aware of our intuition. It doesn’t matter if you are new to sound healing, shamanism, or mindfulness…something can be learned that will be remembered when it matters most! This is guaranteed to be a course that you hold onto, share, and leave knowing more and feeling better than you came. We are so grateful that you are ready & here in this space with us now.

Students will learn:

What is sound healing & how to make it shamanic

– The importance of rendezvousing with self

– The power of voice & importance of opening the throat chakra

– How to use crystal quartz singing bowls in a shamanic way

– How to properly set space

– How to call in the energy

– How to play the shamanic drum

– How to play the bongos

– How to use tuning forks in ceremony & awaken the third eye [energy & meridians]

– How to channel chants with intention

– One of my channeled chants!!

– Recieve a free coaching call with me!

The goal of this course:

The goal of this course is to help you develop the confidence & the self-esteem to step into your true self. You are the medicine & as you realize that truth more & more, you will step into a higher level of awareness. This awareness is what develops intuition and will take you to your true path! Knowing the path & walking the path are two completely different things. This course was created to help you develop the skills to walk the path.

This course is fully internationally accredited by the CPD Group! Become accredited & certified today!

Who this course is for:

  • Advanced sound healing practitioners who want to develop their inner healer, warrior, & knower
  • Holistic healers who want to add shamanic sound healing to their practice
  • Channelers who want to learn more chants for healing
  • Mystics & healers who want to amplify thier energy
  • Mindfulness practitioners wanting to step into shaman
  • Individuals who want to develop as a teacher & leave more behind
  • Individuals who feel like they have more to give but don’t know what it is
  • Anyone suffering from depression & anxiety
  • Anyone who wants to apply shamanic sound healing to thier lives
  • Anyone who wants to connect with community
  • Anyone who is interested in plant medicine
  • Anyone who is interested in learning the secrets to stepping into your true power
  • Anyone who wants to access & develop their superpowers
  • Reki practitioners
  • Facilitators who want to know how to hold space properly
  • Anyone who wants to step into the psychedelic space
  • Individuals suffering from depression
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to play an instrument in ceremony
  • Psychedelic sitters who want to amplify their skills
  • Meditation practitioners who want to step into channeling
  • Anyone who wants an accredited certificate in Shamanic Sound Healing
  • Anyone who wants to become an accredited sound healer
  • Anyone who wants to gain an accredited skill that will earn them an extra $120 per hour!
  • Anyone interested in Shamanic Sound Healing Music for ceremonies
  • Anyone who is interested in receiving the paperwork for professional liability purposes
  • Business people interested in building their vibrational awareness
  • Anyone who is interested in a 1-on-1 free coaching call with the creator of Finally Detached