SQL/PLSQL Advance Functionality with Oracle Sql Developer , SQL Plus, Plsq developer with practical query and examples

What you’ll learn

  • This course consists of sql/plsql advance functionality with oracle sql developer and other DBMS
  • Learn with ORACLE SQL developer and explore single and multiple line queries with examples
  • The advance section includes to write your sql queries in multiple functionality
  • Oracle technologies are flexible to use instead of other DBMS like SQL Server etc.


  • There’s only one prereq. to enroll this course that is willing to learn


This Course Consists of sql /plsq advance level of writing your sql queries with practical examples. Some examples of creation of the sql are below:

Single Line Queries

Multiple Line Queries

there are two types of queries basics that is know as the single line that most users used to write in sql but there’s another way  of writing your sql within your sql with advance functionality. therefore, this course also covers lots of other functions i.e. Union , Intersection, Cartesian Products, writing of sentences in sql, Joins,  Minus and more with key examples and lab tasks. There’s no data found on the internet in this regards. it is the first time on udemy to announced this type of course that no one announced before. i hope students and professionals would enjoy the resources of this course because this course would bring you in the door of working with professional techniques in SQL language. In this course we just used to write sql queries using oracle sql developer , toad, and other sql writing environments. You may use the Oracle database 10G XE or 11G, 12C,19C or another version. For your help i attached my database files at the end of the course’s lectures. You can find from resources and install the data base accordingly.  I recommending all of new and professionals working in the field of database or dbms experts, they can learn lots of topics by enrolling of this course because course took years for preparation and publishing using those tools which are complicated to use for not only : for a new use but professionals so. Therefore , those who are willing to use these tools can learn many things, topics, techniques, advance structure queries by enrolling and working of this course. The instructor covers all the important topics that others can hesitate to brief practically.  “A new door in learning always polish your skills” Thanks

Who this course is for:

  • The advance sql learner , developers, programmers, DBMS professionals