This thought provoking book teaches the greatness of God in moments of trial. We sense the love of God in disobedience

What you’ll learn

  • How God speaks to us
  • How God deals with us
  • How God cares for us
  • What God expects of us


  • Bible, Pen & Paper
  • Willingness to learn
  • Determination to practice what the Lord will teach you
  • Get more out of the videos by teaching others


Contrary to popular misrepresentation, this minor prophetic book is not about the great or big fish.

It is the great big God.

The God who shows, love, mercy and compassion even in the of events that cry for justice.

It is about God and His immanent activities on the earth.

  1. In this we see Jonah fleeing his mission (chapters 1–2)

  2. We see him purporting to give up on his and take to flight (1:1–3)

  3. We hear the endangered sailors cry to their gods (1:4–6)

  4. We witness the exposure of Jonah’s disobedience. (1:7–10)

  5. We suffer with Jonah’s punishment and deliverance (1:11–2:1;2:10)

  6. We respond with resounding hallelujahs to his prayer of thanksgiving (2:2–9)

  7. Here Jonah is reluctantly fulfilling his mission

    (chapters 3–4)

  8. We are somewhat elated by Jonah’s renewed commission and obedience (3:1–4)

  9. Surprisingly, the endangered Ninevites’ repent and appeal to the Lord (3:4–9)

  10. God acknowledges the Ninevites’ repentance. (3:10–4:4)

Eventually Jonah’ himself is  delivered from and rebuked for his racist and vengeful attitude (4:5–11)

Jonah is a book which, as all the books of the Bible, seek to do, serves as a mirror to the depths and dark interstices of our souls. It’s a book that calls for repentance that leads to transformation.

Join me in this study as we unravel the truth about athe book of Jonah.

This course will be continuously updated as I discover other insights about the subject, hence I employ you to return to it again and again.

So lets get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Bible study enthusiast
  • New or growing believers
  • Anyone seeking the truth about God
  • Youth Leaders
  • Sunday school teacher