Hire the best candidates by identifying subconscious bias, and fixing it in your hiring and recruiting process

What you’ll learn

  • Intelligently add diversity to your team
  • Hire the best candidates from the widest pool of people
  • Learn about subconscious bias and affinity bias
  • Learn about conscious bias
  • Minimize subconscious bias
  • Also learn about confirmation bias and first impression bias


  • No prerequisites – just an open mind ready to learn


Hire the best candidates and grow your organization by creating a more emotionally intelligent and wiser hiring and recruiting process in your organization.


Subconscious bias is so difficult to identify and reverse because most of us are in denial about having it in the first place. If asked whether they have subconscious bias, most people would confidently say that they either don’t have it or have it minimally.


It’s one thing to reluctantly admit that you might have a bias, but it’s another thing to be shown that you have a bias. In this course, we’ll go over some easy exercises anyone can do in order to uncover the extent of their subconscious bias.


It’s not enough to fully realize that you have bias. The next step is to want to fix that, and to take the necessary actions to fix that. We’ll go over things you can do to begin reversing your bias.


By the end of this course, you will make your hiring process a more fair one to yourself and to your candidates. Everyone will win. You will get the best possible employees, and your candidates will be treated fairly and without prejudice, preconceived notions, or bias.

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Who this course is for:

  • Managers, employers, and recruiters: people who are in a hiring role