Speech Writing Tips

What you’ll learn

  • 1. What is the meaning of Speech Writing?
  • 2. What are the various tips for writing a compelling and effective speech?
  • 3. How to organize the speech?
  • 4. How to make speech introduction catchy and interesting and what is the format of an effective speech?


  • Basic writing skills, effective communication skills and willingness to learn


1. What is the meaning of Speech?

2. What is meant by Speech Writing?

3. How writing a speech is different from writing any other piece of written communication?

4. Speech writing is the art of writing a message. Comment.

5. What are the various steps involved in the Speech Writing Process?

6. The Speech should not be too long. Why?

7. Tone of speech should match the audience. Do you agree.

8. Why should we use simple, familiar and persuasive language for speech writing?

9. Which type of language should be used for speech writing?

10. How should we start a speech?

11. Whether we should use complicated sentences for speech writing?

12. Why should we use statistics, expert opinions and real-life examples in speech writing?

13. We should make judicious use of statistics and quotes in speech writing. Comment.

14. We can use a word or phrase many a times during our speech. Comment.

15. What is the format of an effective speech?

16. How should we start the speech?

17. Whether there are any specific rules to follow for writing the body of a speech?

18. While writing a speech, there may be too many points or very few points. What to do then?

19. What are those points which should be kept in mind while writing the main body of the speech?

20. How should we conclude the speech?

21. How and what to write if we are to write a speech on “Mental Health”?

Who this course is for:

  • Students, Professionals, Public Speakers, Writers and Anyone interested in self-improvement